sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

On Urban Ontology

The observer walks on paving stones and cracked concrete; broken glass and cigarette butts; around with buildings and windows and gates and lampposts and lights and written or silent walls and posters and outdoors and bus stops and trees and cars and bicicles and people and dogs, but, mainly, people; food and full or empty bottles and cigarettes and smoke and various smells and gestures and laughings and agressiveness and indifference and ostentation and misery; there are almost no flowers except for those printed on the girls' dresses; however, so many things are blooming there - beuatiful and terrible, red, grey, dangerous and harmless, natural, non-natural, reasonable and incomprehensible - that, even if they dont delight the eyes, one must adress them with regards and giving them names.

The city is a garden of things.

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